Friday, 26 February 2010

Pick and Mix

Linear is dead long live pick and mix media.

I have read with interest the BBC plans to cut back on their carriage (the various way they broadcast or narrowcast) You can imagine the meetings where men in suits rap their knuckles on the table and bellow 'We must concentrate on our core services.' The trouble is the world moved on and those core services will not exist in a few years time. 

Mobile media - the ability to choose where and when you watch, listen, read something will mean those very core services they talk about will be the peripheral products of the future that nobody will really care about (Think AM radio)

The days of linear consumption are dead save for major events like The Olympics and football even then more of us will consume the Olympics on our phones and laptops. It amuses me that today the media is full of stories about protecting children from sexualisation and maintaining  'the watershed' ...keep this under your hats, but children have been ignoring the 'watershed' for years and downloading unsuitable material at any old time of day. How you control and protect them from that? Frankly I don't have the answer and I am not alone.

So welcome to pick and mix media. 

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