Monday, 1 March 2010

BBC Radio Middle Class

Let's define radio by class rather than music and content, I think I'll be listening to BBC Middle Class, what will you listen to?
 If the rumours are true the BBC is about to slice a hole in the BBC radio numbers game and Radio number 6 will disappear.  So I suggest (maybe a little tongue in cheek) that the BBC take a fresh look at the way they classify their stations.  The first station I would like to propose would be:

BBC Radio Chav: This plays a lot of Lady GaGa and really sh*t dance music, talks about getting p*ssed every night, shopping for shoes and how aving a lotta babies means you get a council ouse. 

BBC Working Class: Will be a phone-in station with sport it's the voice of the people - so long as the people are white working class and want to blame immigration for, well, everything. Come on you Spurs.

BBC Radio Cardigan Wearer: Will be a middle of the road music station that sneaks a lot of pop music into its format and has big name DJ's.

BBC Middle Class: Is bursting with erudite speakers on any number of jolly subjects.  There's drama all performed by plummy RADA types who occasionally put on a 'working class accent' to amuse. Oh and there needs to be a long-running serial about white middle-class farming folk.

BBC Arts Council Grant: Will be a specialist music station that plays classical music so obscure and ghastly nobody listens to it at all but it costs mullions of pounds to run every year.

BBC Radio Farty Old Man: Just re-runs the crap from the sixties that's been collecting dust in the archives.

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