Friday, 26 March 2010

Gosh, er cheers thanks.

Your mouth goes dry and you start to babble rubbish, your radio nightmare comes true.  There's a good  chance that if your are a spokesman in business, work for a charity or simply have a point of view someone someday will want to ask you about it on the radio or TV.

So how do you stop the nerves? How do you make your performance shine? Well you can take out some insurance against blind terror but there are days when we all find ourselves lost for words.  Here are a few insurance things to put in place before you take part in an interview.

Knowledge: Find out what the interview will be about? Who else will be talking and what they want to talk to you about?

Time: Get there early - get comfortable have a glass of water, compose and focus yourself.

First question: To you might sound like blah blah blah because you are so nervous about your performance you fail to listen to the interviewer.  So try to stay calm and listen to the first question, the rest will come more naturally.

Posture: On TV do not fidget or move around, on radio if you have to sneeze or cough or clear your throat, do it, but turn your head away from the microphone.  Keep eye contact with the person who is interviewing you. (Not while sneezing that would be baad)

Notes: Do not take loads of notes in, you will never follow them.  By all means write some paragraphs beforehand then turn them into bullet points and ONLY bring the bullet points into the studio with you.

Errrrr: Try very hard not to say Errr but think it. Also 'you know' and 'basically' are two other filler words that sound ok in relaxed conversation but make you sound indecisive on air.

ENJOY: Unless you are there for a serious reason enjoy the whole process it's fun to engage in conversation so let your thoughts flow your passion show. 

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