Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I want to be a DJ

Everyone wants to be a DJ, it's sexy and glamorous BUT the real truth is it is underpaid anti-social and then you hit thirty and nobody wants you in their club or radio station anymore.  Although the latter isn't strictly true as there are a handful of older club DJ's around.  I have been mentoring and training for many years, and whenever I ask the question - "What do you want to do in radio?" 90% of the time I get the answer "I wanna be a DJ." as if that was the only real job in our industry.

The real truth about being a DJ is that you could be sitting there at 9pm on a Saturday night playing music from Selector on some crappy radio station in the middle of nowhere for less money than the guy serving fries in that well-known fast-food restaurant.  Not quite the breakfast show at Radio One.

So multi-skilling in any University media course is the key.  The more you can do the more employable you are.  Your perfect skill set would be able to present a show, read the news, work in commercial production, carry out basic journalism even work in sales and promotion.  It's a way of future-proofing your future career. There's nothing wrong with having a career plan but always have a plan B just in case Chris Moyles is still presenting in his dotage.

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