Monday, 15 March 2010

It's all done in the best possible taste.

The BBC are to make a biopic about Kenny Everett. The trouble is does anybody know who he is anymore? I think they have left it 15 years too late.  Kenny died in 1995 of an aids related illness. There is no denying that to those of us of a certain age he was an inspiration and also a technical genius.

My good friend who worked at Capital at the time when Kenny had a Saturday morning show, told me they had to put in extra cart machines so that Kenny could fire off all his effects and music.  No mean feat as in the 1980s cutting edge technology consisted of something called an ITC Triple Stack - 3 cart slots which had no fast forward so you had to create a technical ballet dance to get the thing to play at the right time, and it also made a noise like a kettle coming on to boil. 

Kenny was an audio genius a gifted comedian a great physical mime and a very naughty boy.  I think that's the reason why the Beeb (The name he actually coined for the BBC) has taken so long to produce such a show. Does anyone remember him turning up at Conservative party conference with two enormous hands shouting lets bomb Russia and kick Michael Foot's stick away from him? Or that fabulous blooper where someone rang in to Capital and said to Kenny "Let's rub our cocks together?" to which Kenny instantly replied. "I haven't got a cock, I must go to Harrods cock department and buy one." (Picture credit BBC copyright)

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