Friday, 12 March 2010

Happy 37th Birthday

If you are 37 years old the BBC says F*ck Off! Go listen to commercial radio. Caroline Thomson, the BBC's chief operating officer, has said that BBC 6 music's "average age of listeners - 37 - is at the heart of the demographic targeted by commercial radio." Here's one comment to the Guardian on that statement:

"In other words, if you're at a so-called 'economically advantaged' stage in your life (ie you're a highly experienced working adult aged 34-50 and you don't belong to some kind of minority or disadvantaged group), you're screwed. The BBC won't cater to you. You're part of a 'commercially valuable audience' which needs to be handed over to broadcasters who have lots of adverts lined up for you and who need to take advantage of the fact you have cash in your pocket. There'll be no commercial-free public service radio and television for you. That's for the economically weak -- pensioners, students, children, and the otherwise unemployed -- with whom commercial broadcasters don't want to waste their time.

Oh but you should of course continue to pay your full license fee for the benefit of others." (londonsupergirl)


jonnie said...

It really doesn't make any sense. I was wondering if another reason why they have decided to 'probably' dump BBC6 Music and the Asian network could be that they can up the bitrate on the DAB multiplex by a smidgeon?

The whole rationale seems very peculiar,,,,

Jonnie said...

Always an interesting site which explains the background to the current mess