Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ooo Arrghh Jim Lad

Kids don't think it's wrong to steal, that's the sweeping verdict of James Murdoch.  (Son of Rupert Murdoch) He is calling on governments around the world to get tough on illegal downloading, which he said was no different from "going into a store and stealing Pringles".

Well James you are probably WRONG because I think you mistake content for product and we have a whole generation of kids who are used to the content coming free.

Legal content is so expensive, but there is no store, no sales staff, no packaging and cheaper marketing, yet prices just don't reflect this.   

I like the analogy of stealing Pringles, imagine though you are a kid again and what if Pringles actually cost £300 ($450) a tube -  BUT at no real risk you could get Pringles for free - what would you do?

The buzz word is 'monetise' there is an hilarious bit in last weeks 30 Rock (which of course I was unable to see as you cannot view recent episodes of this show in the UK) where one of the character's was getting her own show.  She says great 'We will be able to sell it to the network'. 'Hell no' says her boss 'We give it to the network free and monetise you endorsing products and the like'.  Maybe Mr Murdoch should give the show a quick view or should that be Vuze?

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