Thursday, 4 March 2010


It's like radio but with pictures. Doh! isn't that TV?  Well no it's more your bog standard FM radio gets in bed with the internet and they are a bit frisky with each other.  FM and DAB already transmit identifiers in their carrier RadioDNS want to add a url link so that if you have a combined radio internet enabled device like a phone or at the moment a handful of radio sets, the radio can talk to the internet and you can receive visual information and links to interact with the station as it broadcasts.

So RadioDNS might be able to do the following: Hear an ad, want to know more? You could hit the radio equivalent of the 'red' button and be put in touch with the advertiser.  Want to buy the song you're listening to? Hit the one click button and Bob's your close relative you get the song downloaded to your iTunes library.  Something on LBC getting your goat? Hit the button and  get thru to the studio..

So just like ordinary radio but with pictures and interactivity - what will they think of next?

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