Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Twitter could kill off the BBC

Could Twitter and Facebook kill off the BBC?

Dear children many, many years ago before 'social networking' the great unwashed, when they had a point of view about a radio or TV show would write to the station.  I had a Programme Controller who used to call them the 'green-ink brigade.'  Invariably their letters would be written in green ink scrawled in block capitals on what always looked suspiciously like toilet paper. In those good old days they would be carefully filed in the shredder. 

Jump forward twenty years and the 'green ink brigade' are busy bringing governments down on Facebook and Twitter.  They have already banded together to save BBC 6 music when most of them haven't even bothered to listen to the station, they just smell insurrection in the air.

The biggest mistake would be for the BBC to listen to them, even if David Bowie has joined their ranks the decision has been made.  I was around and working for the original LBC when it lost its licence in 1994 and went promptly into receivership owing me about £400 (still waiting for the cheque) Chelverton Investments who owned LBC at that time launched a 'Save LBC Campaign' it didn't work - at least not that time round and the Radio Authority awarded the licence to someone else.

So beware the 'green ink brigade' now they all have Facebook and Twitter they are a danger to democracy.

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