Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stiff Election Competition

The UK General Election of (possibly) 6th May will be won by Twitter and Facebook.  I really think this is the election where social networking will drive the agenda of the day.  How does the rest of the media harness this interaction?  I think they need to work very hard at creating their own tribe of social networkers and most importantly make sure that the same old half dozen don't get to hog the blogs.

I also hope that the 2010 election coverage will be a bit more showbiz.  Those dull old swingometers and ITN's tedious virtual studio with graphics drawn by a crazed 10-year old on crack must be replaced by something a bit more 21st century. 

I worked on LBC's 1992 General Election which affirmed John Major's tenancy as Prime Minister with a rather sad grey majority of 21. We had Andrew Neil present the show and it was a 'show.'  LBC took over the whole of the vacant top floor of the building in Hammermsith where are studios were in at the time.

My boss Charlie Cox (above) hired an events company who built a fantastic star lit tunnel that led to a great big party area with a massive video screen where a professional TV company 'televised' the studio with Andrew Neil.  All LBC's clients and advertisers were invited along with local politicians and a few celebs.  At the other end of the room was another star lit tunnel which led to the goods lift which was also decorated and took you down to the studios.

It was my job to show the celebs and clients around the live studio.  It was very showbiz and cost a fortune but it paid for itself as advertising revenue for that month shot through the roof. So some razzmatazz please this election. (Pic credit SBS Australia)

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