Tuesday, 23 March 2010

vive la différence

Outside the cities DAB's a DUD, 3G aint got enough bandwidth and greedy government eyes are upon poor old FM.  So what future digital radio.? James Cridland has been looking at what the French are up to. Not washing and eating garlic I thought but quelle surprise they have been busy working out how they will be listening to the radio in 2018.

They reckon that listening to radio via streamed 3G mobile phone use will account for 7.8% of all mobile data use and that will cost the mobile phone companies about €334 million euros (About 6 trillion pounds by 2018)

So who pays for this carriage? - Will those sexy radio apps for iPhone come and bite the radio stations back on the bum? Or will the poor old consumer end up paying at the front end by increased mobile tariffs?  I am guessing the latter. Read James Cridlands full break down of just what those saucy Frenchies are up to, click here 

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