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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Liza Minnelli and terrorists

Liza with a zeee and me: I have done Liza in the past, as it were, many years ago.  I remember her being a likeable neurotic Hollywood star. She grabbed my arms and demanded in a nice way 'Cawfeee' So I am not sure why I dreamt about her the other day and why she told me she had moved to Harlow. (A ghastly place in Essex)  But I often get those kind of weird dreams after working nights.

I was producing the other night when the bully editor advised me there had been a 'bomb' found in Times Square New York.  When you are on your own particularly in the middle of a Bank Holiday night  you cannot rely on your usual news sources.  There was very little on wires and even less on the UK internet.

If it had turned into a major event there is usually a process in any newsroom to deal with a major breaking story, which involves a lot people being woken up in the middle of the night.  So I used a bit of my initiative and looked up the New York Times paper, scanned the US networks and in a moment of inspiration brought up the Times Square webcam.  Enough information to determine that for the time being bulletins could handle the story.  Also by the time a press conference had been held at 11pm New York time, everyone who could comment had sloped off to sleep.

So if stories break use your initiative, get some help if you can and step back before you make a decision to make a major change in your programming.  And get plenty of sleep or you might just start dreaming of Liza with a zeee.

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