Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Most sincerely

The day Hughie 'Opportunity Knocks' Green came to the studio.  This was just after Thames TV had given him the boot - I do remember being quite impressed with him.  He could talk the talk.  You could understand why he was a breath of fresh air at the moribund ITV of the 1950s.  I am writing this after seeing Trevor Eve's brilliant portrayal.

So Hughie bounded in and on air told us how we should be making commercial radio, he went on about all the local station's being too small to compete with the BBC and that legislation holds us down and gave examples of how the Canadian's do it so much better.

Well Hughie you got your wish. Consolidation may well be the saviour of our business I just hope it is not at the expense of good and regular local content, because that would be a missed opportunity.

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Jonathan Marks said...

The vast distances and low population density in Canada are vastly different to Western Europe. Those North American successes just don't translate in an area where the balance between public service and commercial is so completely different. May be true of the 70's but certainly not now.