Thursday, 26 August 2010

Best Recorder?

Best recorder for radio interviews?  I have narrowed it down to three.  Visit the website and click Best Recorder.  I have used and tested each machine and give my personal verdict between The Marantz PMD661, The Tascam DR0-07 and The ZOOM H4n.

Other ways of getting that interview recorded?  Another option is to use a camcorder with an external microphone.  My camera the Canon HF21 has an external mic input and records very high quality sound.. and you get free pictures as well so you could ad some pics to your radio interview and stream them as additional material on your website.

Using personal Dictaphone machines - they tend to have crappy sound and are not geared up to quality recording and with the Tascam DR0-07 at £129 inc VAT don't cost that much less.

So visit and check out my reviews.

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