Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A cunning PR stunt

When PR company's screw up.  I am reminded in amongst the current really rather good PR that the Capital story is getting of a darker day, way back in LBC history when the company spent a lot of money on a PR company to launch their new programmes. 

It might have been as much as a quarter of a million pounds, however much it was, here is a most depressing story of the PR woman from the communications company LBC hired who went up to Steve Jones who was hosting the Breakfast Show at the weekend at the time and said to him, I quote.  "You're one of the DJ's aren't you? I am really looking forward to working with you, what sort of music do you play on your show?" end of quote.

You may or may not know that LBC is a speech format station and as such hasn't really played any music since it started in 1973.  Apart from a handful of specialist shows LBC was and is a talk station.  She hadn't even bothered to listen yet was happy to take a very large sum of money to promote the station.

You can take away what you want from this story - maybe that you shouldn't waste your money with PR companies and are better doing it yourself.  Or that you might have an enthusiasm for radio but your average Joe Public is just apathetic and really couldn't care less whether their local station was called Capital or Radio thing without the pictures - oh it must be the radio then FM! 

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