Saturday, 11 September 2010

What is it Barbara dear?

Bye, bye Babs. So Eastenders said farewell to Peggy Mitchell and Barbara Windsor gave the acting performance of her career.  And how clever of the writers to entwine some of Windsor's real life into her farewell speech about life with her mum.  I know this because when her biog first came out I had her in as a guest, at that time I was Producing the Pete Murray Show and was doing maybe two to three book guests every week.  A tough call on a radio Producer with no researcher.  It meant I had to read or at least sight read each book to create background and questions. 

But it's really worth doing this, you hear so many interviews where the Presenter has just been given the list of questions supplied by the PR or publisher.  I remember finding a short passage in her book about Barbara's relationship with her mother and put that as a last question for Pete.  Bless Babs it reduced her to tears when she remembered her mum, much like the scene last night. So good research always pays off, even if means you trawling through books for that perfect question.

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