Friday, 3 September 2010

Emotional Links

Make em laugh make em cry: Human interest is a hard thing to define, what interests one person may bore another.  So you need a bit of emotional glue to keep your listener's interest.  Here is a practical example.  Think of something that you have no interest in and try and give it a personal link. 

Example: I hate most country and western music, but my step father loves it, he used to dress up as a cowboy and go off to dances with my mother, he even totted a pretend gun.  So what makes grown men be so passionate about country music?  Is it a generation thing - something your dad liked or are there country music artists for a younger generation? Does country music deserve the negative press it gets in the UK and why is it so popular do you think in the States?

So I created an emotional and personal link by bringing my parents into the topic.  See if you can do the same? Remember to keep the questions concrete and engage with you listeners to create interest and empathy even if they aren't that interested in the subject.

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