Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Level Headed

Crap speakers are the answer and the questions is .....? How do I know what I am recording for the radio (and TV and Podcasting etc) will sound ok and will cut through?  Last night we were watching 'Museum of Life' on BBC HD nice pictures but the sound was tragic. The mix was wrong even in surround sound and the voice over work that had been done back at base was off mic and did not match (level-wise) the location audio. (It's why my mum moans she can't hear anything.)  Here is my top tip for getting it right.

If you visit some of the finest recording studios in the country amongst  the automated faders and whacking great studio monitors are usually a pair of crap speakers often the ones that come with p.c.'s. 

Once they have finished mastering Kylie's greatest hits or whatever they will then listen to how it sounds on a pair of crap speakers - your typical way of listening at home.  This is the acid test - does it sound as great and does it 'cut through' on a pair of average speakers?  If the answer is no, then its back to the mix to make it sound better.

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