Monday, 20 September 2010

Thanks for not tuning our way

I don't listen to the radio anymore! Oh I do have Nick Ferrari on in the morning but that comes off the cable telly.  Oh and I do have Radio 7 on but that comes off the computer.  I do download Chris Lowrie's very fine weather forecast but that's not listening to the radio is it? Or is it? I'm confused?

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Jonnie said...

I see your point! However Radio is sound minus vision therefore by definition the various broadcast delivery platforms are somewhat superfluous, though not sure how that equates to Rajar?

The majority of the time I'm on DAB as FM is close to unusable in my location - at the Gym it's 3G as members are restricted from Wifi and luckily I'm unlimited data from 02 for the next 18 Months - then I well may have a rethink - or get more organised ...