Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Listen with mother

I learned to listen to the the radio with my mother, sounds very middle class but somewhere after the BBC News and before Woman's Hour the Home Service (Radio 4) would put out Listen With Mother a rather middle class cosy view of a child's world with suitable stories and inane rhyme.

Radio today has turned its back on our children with one DAB station - Fun Kids and a half-arsed bit of Radio 7 called Big Toe.  The kids will not care though, they have plenty of media diversions, from computer games - now the biggest part of the UK entertainment industry to scores of TV channels beaming shows just for them, and should they get bored of all that there is plenty of stuff on iTunes for them to download.

The trouble is, the kids of today are tomorrows radio listeners and if we don't get 'em young they will never get into the habit of listening.  I have just finished working on a kids series for radio.  'Professor Hallux builds a body' 14x 8-10min episodes for Fun Kids and the Wellcome Trust, brilliantly written not by me but I produced the sound design and did nearly all of the post-production, save one episode.

To compete with the iPod generation a kids radio show has to have high production values, gone are the days when a child will happily listen to some old fart singing 'Five Currant Buns' which seemed to come round with annoying regularity on 'Listen With Mother'

So my plea to the radio industry is don't forget the kids because in about ten years time they may come back and bite you on the bottom.

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