Sunday, 14 November 2010


We screwed up Chris Tarrant, not literally but certainly technically.  Part of an audiobook I am working on at the moment about the life of David 'Kid' Jensen included an interview with Chris Tarrant, when the person who did the recording came back to base we realised the whole thing was very off mic.  So what do you do? Fudge it and shove it in the book anyway or take the brave decision to let Tarrant's agent know we needed to do the whole thing again.

We chose the latter and his agent was fine and set up another slot for us. So I toddled off into the rain and wind of Monday to interview him, this time on mic.

It's a good example of self-editing a really important if sometimes difficult thing to do.  Ask yourself the question am I happy with this? And always answer yourself truthfully - it's easy to think 'oh well that will do,' or 'no one will notice.'  But if you've noticed the chances are others will too.

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