Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A change for the better

Change can be good, a change of diet, a change of scenery the list goes on and it should include accepting change in the work that you do.  Linda Gage my much missed Journalism Tutor used to say if you can't stand to be subbed, don't become a journalist.  I have worked with people who have become so precious about their work that they shut themselves off to constructive improvement and change.

It has been my experience that when you are close to a project you sometimes, as the saying goes, 'can't see the trees for the wood.' It really helps to have a second pair of ears or eyes on any project your working on.  I have just completed an HD wedding video, having sent a copy of to the bride she has asked for about three changes and now when I look at the changed video she is absolutely right, what she has suggested has improved the video.

So as a Radio Producer, when someone comes up to you with some of their own ideas on your project, don't get defensive, take on board what they have to say, try out their ideas.

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