Friday, 14 January 2011

Carry On Streaming

I listen to the radio on the internet.  Trouble is to do this I have to faff around on radio station websites to see where they might have hidden the listen now button only to discover that my mac doesn't support their player!  But hooray we should only be a few weeks away from the UK RadioPlayer launching.

A small miracle has happened which in an odd way reminds me of the famous day during the First World War when the British and Germans got together in no-man's land to play a game a football.  The BBC and UK Commercial Radio have got together to create a single internet player that will allow you to choose stations much like pushing the buttons on your car radio.

What will this mean for the industry? Well 4.5million people already listen to the radio through their computer, that's 8% of the radio audience.* For them it will mean a much easier interface to find what they want.  But more importantly there is potential for new internet listeners to discover radio content and consume the product - which in this tough year ahead can only be a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

As an aside from my previous comment... is very old, but reports that 13.5% of all adults listen to radio on the internet each week - that's 8.1 million adults. ["radio" = live and on-demand, including non-RAJAR services]

Given that the research is three years old, it would be interesting to know what the figure is now; but that would indicate that you can safely increase the figure you quote here.