Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Next Big Thing

Britain's next big TV star will be Charlie McDonnell - who the hell is that you ask.? In the last few days I have read quite a few stories in the press  about where next the next big radio star will come from now there are fewer opportunities for broadcasters with commercial radio taking a pseudo-national path.

Well  in the cold hard light of dawn the fact is the kids don't need local radio, there are now plenty of other opportunities of getting themselves seen and heard, aside from the X-Factor route of instant fame there are places like You Tube where if you get your content right you will get viewers.

Charlie McDonnell is an irritating kid, if you look him up on Wikipedia you get the sneaking suspicion that he has written his own entry but he is talented, funny and the future of broadcasting.  Here are a few more cold hard light of dawn facts.  Over 25 MILLION people have watched his videos, he is the most watched VLogger on You Tube - why? Well take a look for yourself at his latest You Tube vid on the left.

So will we full out of love with radio one day?  I think not.  Ten years ago if you wanted to get into the media you had a choice of the telly or radio now the internet has ripped open that idea and shoved it back in the booze on expenses ruddy faces of those TV and Radio Executives who are still very unsure how to deal with the Charlie McDonnell phenomena.

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