Wednesday, 12 January 2011

For the journey

Your life is your story and everybody loves a good story.  OK so we don't all have roller-coaster exciting lives but you will be surprised how a conversation with your daughter or a chat with a friend can be used as material. Here are a few points to ponder by the way you can take this structure to create phone-in topics, documentary's and programme pieces:

Draw your listener in with a well crafted headline.
This is the focus of your chosen subject and it always contains a relevant question to ask the listener.  It will set the tone of the topic and the way you want a listener to react to it.

Get to the point
Once you've hit the ground running get to the point quickly and then fill in the details. See yourself as a hunter; hunting for an audience. You can put the trap out but if you don't set the bait you're not going to get your catch.

My favourite word and remember it is a two-way street.  Create empathy for the subject by using personal experience, create empathy for your listener by saying to yourself ..what do they want to hear?

Make em' laugh
As they once said in Hollywood.  Even a serious topic can have light and shade even if the humour is irony.

And that's the way it is.
Give your audience closure.  Sum up at the end of a topic, say what you think and give your listener something to go away and think about.

So finally take each of these points and use them to structure your next topic and enjoy your story telling.

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