Saturday, 12 February 2011

Britons are revolting

Britons are revolting, well actually they aren't.  It took me years to work out why we never had the kind of revolution that happened in France or even Egypt, the simple fact is that our weather just isn't good enough.  You can imagine the down trodden surfs having a town meeting.  "Right lads everyone in the street, we're not standing for this." Then someone from the back of the crowd shouts out "But it's still raining and rather chilly for the time of year don't you thin?" Everyone nods their heads in agreement and the revolution is put off to a week next Tuesday when the weather might improve.

This week we have witnessed another 21st century uprising.  A regime change heralded, to begin with, by Twitter and Facebook where everyone becomes a journalist and dictators can no longer use Orwellian censorship to keep the masses in the dark about the truth.  It's an event that has caught even the US on the back foot and will be an interesting topic of debate for many weeks to come as we see who will be the winners and losers of the removal of Mubarak.

Finally back to revolting Britons and I would like to thank the delightful British woman in the town last night, here in Samui for being so drunk at 7pm in the evening she fell into the road and lay in her own vomit as the motorbikes and cars drove round her. I guessed her age to be about 65-70 truly a revolting Great Briton.

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