Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Let's Go Outside

We've done it on a plane, in someones garden and up the BT Tower.  There's nothing like a good OB or 'remote' as our American cousins like to call them.  Trouble is most of them sound rubbish on the radio.  True they are a great wheeze for all the staff involved.  you usually get some expenses for lunch and you get out of the studio, but mostly OB's on the radio are crap listening.

In commercial radio most OB's are client led, that is to say a big spending advertiser says why don't you come along down to our car showroom and broadcast your show from there? And you are obliged to say yes and frantically think of some weak editorial reason why you might be there.  The result? Pretty poor radio.

"Your" BBC Local will have a different agenda.. for instance it's national library week, let's broadcast from the local library.  Excuse me while a have a short snooze - and yes you've guessed it three hours of turgid broadcasting with the local librarian - kill me now!

So my advice to the OB brigade is to stay at home and make better radio, just because you have a radio car or an ISDN link to the Town Hall, doesn't mean you should use it.

Oh and the broadcast from a plane - that was Chris from the cockpit of a Virgin Atlantic 747 (Pre 9/11) flying over Greenland - we still have the tape - great technical achievement - rubbish radio.

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