Friday, 25 February 2011

Twiggy was So Good

Twiggy who still is the face of fashion although now for Marks and Spencer, ( I think that was a brilliant coup for the store as she is the perfect choice for their brand,) came into the studio - some years ago. Before she got her deal with M&S, she was promoting 'So Good' a soya alternative to milk.

It's interesting that most people of her celebrity standing would have an entourage around her, not Twiggy, she came down to the studio on her own lugging a great big cool box of the soya milk in one hand and in the other she had a copy of the Daily Mirror.

Like the professional she is, she had also turned up a good 30 minutes before her interview, so she plonked herself down beside me and after telling me I could keep the cool box, (which we still have, I lugged it back on the tube minus the soya milk) she started flicking through the Mirror.  It was then that she began talking about some of the stories in the paper, she spoke in a most cogent way about her take on the news.  I was really impressed, so when I heard a few months later she had been picked to co-present 'This Morning' the ITV daytime show I thought she would be really rather good at it.

Turned out I was wrong.  I caught an episode of the show and it was a total car crash.  I don't know why,? Maybe Twiggy wasn't comfortable about the mechanics of actually presenting live TV it might have been just too much for her?

Getting celebs to present radio or TV shows is often, in my experience, a big mistake.  Great guests and celebrities don't always make the transition to being great presenters.  So if you are a PD thinking about getting a celeb in ...maybe do a few 'dry runs' first just to see if they have the skills to do the job.

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