Monday, 28 March 2011

The revolting working class

A night of riots, fire-bombs and Myleene Klass.  Had a very strange surreal evening working for Classic FM this weekend.  It started in total darkness. As a respect to the disaster in Japan the Capital Radio Building was plunged into darkness (at least the front of the building was) and I had to fumble my way into the place with the reception lit by a torch.

I was Studio Producing Myleene Klass who had recorded her programme in anticipation of the arrival of her new baby son. (Hero, who was born on Friday afternoon) About an hour into the show I started to smell burning coming through the air-conditioning.  Best I thought to visit the LBC studios next door see if they can also smell the burning.  In their studio I looked into the street through the window and I had my answer to the burning smell - the street below was on fire. 

Several Suffragettes (As the Labour leader has described them) had liberated a large bin which was on fire and further down the road by The National Gallery the plastic barriers had also been set on fire.  Just below us there was the distant sound of breaking glass as some more apartheid freedom fighters (As the Labour leader described them) smashed the front window of Barclays bank. 

Suddenly the road was awash with Police and their vans and the protesters ran into Trafalgar Square  - I went back to Myleene.  I returned a few hours later about 3-4 am in the morning - looking out on the street it was being swept clean, the police and protesters had just disappeared.

Leaving the building in the early morning though I had to pick my way through an amazing amount of vomit and lakes of pee, Barclays Bank had been remodelled  and the ATM machines were smashed and the window of the bank broken, other smaller shops had also had some of their windows broken.  In Soho I was told, protesters had, appropriately,  broken the window of Anne Summers and a drunken reveller was standing at the smashed open window shouting 'Free dildo's for everyone.' - Oh well just another night of relaxing classic's with Classic FM.   

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Jonathan said...

Rather you than me, though it's sometimes good in retrospect to witness these events in reality. I saw all I wanted to when requested to visit a certain fire at Kings Cross some years back.

It's sad that elements of society can wreak havoc in the Capital (no pun intended) For starters the retailers are having a bad enough time. At least you are alright.