Sunday, 3 April 2011

April Fool

The BBC and Commercial radio have got together and launched a widget that can find your favourite radio station on a PC or MAC. Launched on 1st April it must be an April fool, the BBC and Commercial radio have never worked together before?  But a miracle happened and the UK Radio Player isn't an April Fool, it will be a one-stop place to find radion and on demand content.

It's not perfect - searching for the station I have been working for - 'Fun Kids' there is, as yet, no entry in the search or browse.  It also needs an app for mobile phone and a way of using it on Virgin Media and Sky and on a PS3 but it is a very good start.

Now all the industry has to do is persuade car manufacturers to follow Ford's lead and fit DAB radios as standard into their cars ....!


James said...

1. It launched on 31st March

2. It doesn't contain Fun Kids yet; stations are progressively being added to it. The next lot go live on Tuesday, I think.

3. The currently-included stations are at

Steve Campen said...

1. Trust you to let the facts get in the way of a good story, they'd never let you work at the Daily Mail.

2. Great that's good news.

3. Ah a plug for your very well run website.