Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I have a dream

My dream radio - could it be the future? Had a strange dream last night (too much Costa Coffee at University I guess) I had invented the perfect radio I called it RiVo.  It had good old FM on it but linked into Radio DNS it had DAB and DAB+ it was clever and could do software updates and receive HD radio it could also pick up streaming from its built in wireless, and record downloads to play later and make suggestions about what you might like to hear (Like TiVo which was also on my mind yesterday)

The clever bit was that it could talk to other similar radio devices.  So the car radio when it was parked outside the house picking up our wireless network could talk to the kitchen radio, they could share information and the kitchen radio could send downloads and info to the car radio.  Brilliant - now all I need to do is to turn the dream in reality.

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