Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The end is not nigh

Family Radio wins this weeks best publicity for a radio station.  Harold Camping the Preacher who predicted the end of the world last weekend is also a Host on Family Radio in the US - their logo and banners are plastered all over the British papers and post-rapture they are still very much on the air with I guess a much bigger audience.

If you were cynical you would be forgiven for thinking that this was all just a great big publicity stunt.  But up until the 21st May (End of the World Day) Family Radio had on their website:

'Blow the trumpet ...warn the people.' Ezekiel 33.3 - Judgement Day May 21st 2011 - The Bible Guarantees It.  - Was it just another useless guarantee not worth the paper it was printed on? Not at all it appears that there was something in the small print that means the actual end of the world will happen October 21st when to quote Harold Camping:

"The great earthquake and rapture and the universe melting in fervent heat will be happening on the last day - October 21st 2011."

When critics asked Cecil B DeMille why he was making a film about the Bible? (The Ten Commandments) He replied - "Why should I let 2000 years of publicity go to waste." ..well that Biblical marketing machine continues to roll .. or at least until October 21st.

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