Monday, 23 May 2011

Moderate Conservative

Can the right ever be left leaning and successful? Across the political world stage we have seen the far right suffer quite substantially as voters shy away from their doctrine.  I have always been a wishy washy liberal content to sit on the fence and I never could understand why the colour of a persons skin changes them inside?

Let's jump to 2012 our American cousins face a Presidential election, much of the world has hailed the current incumbent as a hero after Bin Laden's death, so already the Republican party has a tough job on its hands finding a possible candidate.

Working last week with Doug Urbanski the host of a coast-to-coast US talk radio show my knowledge of American politics was dramatically increased.  He was discussing possible contenders for the Republican candidacy - I was taking a look at some of the hopefuls, most of them are as telegenic as The Addams Family and on a world stage would seem extreme and out of touch with 21st century international politics.

One guy I did quite the look of was John Huntsman Jr he is, rather oddly, Obama's recent envoy to China, the guy speaks fluent Mandarin and lived at one time in Taiwan.  As a Republican he covers his brush with the Democratic leader with an 'anyone would be proud to serve their country and President' - I am not sure that will wash with the staunch right of the party?  He is also a Mormon with family lineage that leads back to the founding of that religion.  But to me, he looked the best of the bunch.  I wonder if we will hear more from Mr Huntsman as the race begins?

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