Friday, 20 May 2011

Old Blue Eyes

Maggie Thatcher had steely blue eyes, a stare toward you and you'd poop your pants with fear. She had incredible presence for a slight woman of not very great height. I met her only once. It was whilst I was at work, she came round to see us all, she spoke to my presenter but decided to ignore me with a forceful turn away when I came close to her.

So it was interesting to hear about a warm and cuddly side of Maggie. I have been Studio Producing The Doug Urbanski Show for Westwood One here in the UK. I have to say Washington were doing all the real hard work, with his Producer John sending me plenty of background to print for Doug.

It would seem that Doug was an old pal of Maggie.  He had run into her whilst a Theatre Director in the west end.  "No no." he said "You've got Maggie all wrong she was fun and a great person."  He went on to tell me he did once have cause for concern.  It was at the time she was moving into a new house having lost her Prime Ministerial one.  She had been out looking at washing machines to buy and told Doug "I had no idea how expensive they were?"

Some years ago one of the national newspapers spent a jolly afternoon calling MP's and asking them if they knew how much a loaf of bread cost?  Of course most have them had no idea.

It does make you wonder if the current malaise and disinterest we have in politicians is because they are out of touch with the needs and aspirations of the people they are supposed to represent.  OMG I am sounding like a right-wing Talk Show host - and that would never do!

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