Wednesday, 18 May 2011

In The Mood

Music is the key to a great talk show.  Well what a bizarre thing to say? Here is an answer for you. When I worked with Sandi Toksvig we would often play the odd tune, maybe enjoy a slice of cake and a jolly good cup of tea during the daily programme meeting.  It set the tone and helped the direction of the show.

I am working with a talk show host this week who does much the same thing, right now he's listening to Dinah Washington and that was followed by a bit of Buddy Holly, obviously not the bit they found to identify him after that terrible plane crash.

My Host says it sets the mood and tone for him and gets him in the zone.  This is the second blog I have written in the last couple of days about show prep, but it is such an important thing and a badly prepared programme can rail-road a whole show.

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