Thursday, 16 June 2011

The BBC waste money

The astounding findings from a report into Radio 1 and 2 by former commercial radio executive John Myers.  Here are my own thoughts. I think any big organisation 'wastes' money.  More people, more infrastructure usually means more cost.  Myer's report suggests that Radio 1 and 2 should share a management structure - sensible  idea but then oddly he goes on to devalue the role of the Radio 1 and 2 Studio Managers and newsreaders.

He thinks that the Radio 2 presenters should all self-op, fine if you have the technical skills to do that, but a chunk of the Radio 2 output comes from what I would call non-radio people, the celebs and pop stars that present shows.  Those celebs contribute to some of the best and worst of the output.  (Barbara Windsor on Radio 2 bless her)

So to expect them to drive their own shows to save a few pennies, seems a bit ridiculous.  He also got annoyed that all a Radio 2 newsreader does is read the news?  Maybe they should do a bit of dusting between bulletins?  Again you would save pennies by making them do other tasks.

There are better ways to trim the fat at the BBC I would start by taking a look at all those management offices oh and all the compliance people that, rather than protect the BBC have prevented Producers and Presenters make great radio.  (Pic above: Babs learns that she has to back-time on split cans to the news whilst making live changes to Selector)

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Jonnie said...

I know, sell off TV Centre and move news to BH and the rest to Salford ;-) Seriously, regarding the self-op comments, I agree with you. The BBC already has slipped over the years in it's technical output (DAB aside) I'd like competent staff looking after that side.