Friday, 17 June 2011

You couldn't make it up

Unless you are the BBC Panorama show.  I call it a 'show' because that's what it has become.  The BBC are to apologise to Primark over 'faked' footage of child labour during an edition of Panorama three years ago.  Since seeing that programme I stopped shopping in the store and now feel disappointed that the integrity of this programme and my trust has been compromised. 

But Panorama is not alone in not always telling the 'absolute truth.'  The minute you walk into an editing suite or sit down in front of Final Cut or on radio Audition or SADiE you are about to change the absolute truth.

We all want our work to stand out, sometimes the guest doesn't say just what we want them to or in the right order.  So with a bit of judicial editing we can make them appear to be and say something they are not.  Sure there are rules; the BBC Producers guide has pages of them.  But who is going to know?  What are the chances of anyone finding out? 

I wonder just how many TV and radio shows have had their Panorama moment? Only they didn't get caught

From now on I don't think I will truly believe anything that the Panorama team broadcast.  I am not sure I did anyway. Perhaps the show should be  quietly led off to the knackers yard and put to rest.

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