Friday, 24 June 2011

Dino Time

I have mostly been a dinosaur this week.  Working on a series of radio features for Fun Kids and the Natural History Museum it's an epic production with two voice artists, Yannick male v/o and Alexander child v/o oh and plenty of sound effects.  Trouble is nobody has ever heard a dinosaur and Mr Spielberg has kinda stolen the show.

You can actually buy the Spielberg effects, but I thought I would try some home-made ones.  I have been crunching celery, slowing the recording down and altering the EQ and its sounding just like a 25 metre herbivore snacking.

Then I took some lion cub effects and slowed them down altered the pitch and got some very recognisable dinosaur effects  - well actually they sounded just like the ones from Jurassic Park, funny that!

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