Wednesday, 22 June 2011


We all love em' that's the view from my American colleagues with whom I am working with this week.  I actually think curry is more popular, but it does remind me of a story about John Logie Baird, the pioneer of television, who developed 'mechanical' TV.'  Imagine a thing like a circular saw with holes in and as it spun your persistence of vision fooled you into to seeing a number of scanned lines.  In the end the BBC went with the superior GEC Marconi electronic method of TV.

But one of the things I like about John Logie Baird is he hated meetings, particularly those long worthy BBC meetings he had to attend in those early days of television.  To break the monotony and to show his contempt he would bring fish'n'chips to the meetings, I guess heavily doused in vinegar they probably stank the whole place out.

I hate meetings too.  I have attended quite a few worthy BBC meetings not to mention a gut full of power-point presentations from men in suits.  Frankly I found my mind wandering from the boredom.  So I am heartened to discover that there is a conference in September aimed at us short-attention span creatives'.  Next Radio bills itself as a radio conference for radio people. A place to get inspired by new ideas, better still my favourite boss Matt Deegan is behind it along with James 'the future' Cridland so there will be plenty of fun. If you want to attend here is the link click here

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