Monday, 20 June 2011

Radio station puts staff in danger

The reckless behaviour of one radio station is putting staff at danger.  More than 100 staff were allowed on the roof of the building and allowed to stand around the transmitter mast.  Being in such close proximity to the mast can be dangerous.  A former colleague who once worked on a pirate radio ship told me he could walk along the ship with a florescent tube in his hand and it would light when you past the transmitter mast in the middle of the boat.

Further more the studio of this radio station is incorrectly wired I also noticed the jackfield in the control room had normalised connections connected to each other and the staff have clearly had no training in operating the equipment, I watched one presenter open up the sub mix 3/4 thinking she was fading some music up.  And she was wearing her headphones (DT100s) round the wrong way!

It's not as if this radio station doesn't lack resources, they benefit from a massive government subsidy their parent company receiving £37 Billion pounds from the treasury recently.   This probably explains the use of Neumann U87 microphones in the studio - expensively out of the reach for most radio stations.

I thought I might complain to OFCOM but I can find no listening for Radio Halifax so one presumes it can have no licence to broadcast and must be a pirate run by unscrupulous operators in it purely to make money and therefore should be shut down immediately.

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