Sunday, 26 June 2011

Doggie Fashion

You've got to treat people like dogs.  Another one of those interesting chats at my health club.  This from someone who is a team leader.  Although it sounds like a quote from 'The Office' TV show, I think he is right.  Anyone who has watched Cesar Millan will know that dogs like to be part of the pack, they like to know boundaries and like to be encouraged,  much like people, we like to know we can trust our boss that they will encourage and reward our hard work.

"Peace, relaxation, trust, respect; that is my goal" That's what Cesar says about looking after your dog and again you could borrow that quote, albeit swap Peace and relaxtion for the word calm and you have the mantra of many of the business gurus of our age.

The radio station is very much a 'pack' it's a close-knit group of people, often working anti social hours in close proximity of each other.  Within that pack there will be leaders, they should be assertive and create an environment where everybody knows their place but has the opportunity to succeed and improve.  And there should be regular rewards, that doesn't just mean monetary.

So treat you really should treat your staff life dogs.

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