Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Round like a circle

Google + is a new social network from the Big G, hey didn't they have 'Buzz' for that?  Google are obsessed with circles, they think that your family and your friends should never meet or be able to interact.  So they have created a 'new' social network that will compartmentalise your followers and contacts.

If anything it is an indication that even mighty Google can't ignore The Social Network. The network that will eventually connect the world.  And everyone that can afford the internet will be talking to each other, what a ghastly thought. It also gives credibility to the importance of social networking in the 'back' channels of mainstream media.  Radio and TV shows should have social media connections that are as well-produced as the shows they represent.

They should run contemporaneously (bad radio word) with the show, look and feel the same as the show and most importantly say the same things as the show.  So many of the social media and internet sites for Radio and TV look like cheap bolt ons looked after by the intern and that's frankly not good enough.  Why the picture of a windmill? Go on you work it out?

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