Thursday, 9 June 2011

JACK killed the radio star

DJ's don't yer love em?  Well it would seem quite a few of us do not want their prattle and endless diatribe of dribble and would rather hear the music.  An interesting article in Radio Today thinks that stations like Jack FM are the future.  So I had a quick listen. Apart from a live breakfast everything else pops out of the computer along with travel, news and other crafted local features together with blokey comedy that is shoe horned into the mix.

Jack has been a popular 'format' in the States and Canada, I say format because Jack isn't fussy about its music its a format that can fit any music format - if that makes any sense? It's more about the way they do things.  Does the audience care that they are listening to a glorified jukebox?  Well one guy loved the Oxford station so much he had their logo and frequency tattooed on his arm. 

In the states there are few other stations that have given themselves a moniker, there is a Bob FM, a Dave (don't we have a TV station called Dave?) a Doug a Hank - who plays just country and finally a Sam. But where are all the girls?  I think Caroline would be a great name for a station.. on second thoughts it would never catch on.

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