Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rotten confession

I did something really bad, it was a long time ago and this is #10confessions number 2.  During the very early 1980s when I worked for Essex Radio there were just 18 commercial radio stations in the whole of the UK and every day the station was swamped with letters begging to get into radio.  Well as a freelance this posed quite a threat to my livelihood BUT also as a freelance I was the first person to arrive in the office in the morning, just in time for the postman.

I think you have guessed the next bit, I opened the letters and tapes left a few but the majority I just pushed through the industrial shredder they had in the corner and threw the tape in the bin. If that was your letter I apologise it was a bad thing to do, kept my job though for three years.

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