Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Secret of great radio

Is easy, just stick with it.  Working with Doug Urbanski the other week I got a real insight on how US radio functions.  It's a billion dollar business.  So the big question, what makes a great talk radio show?  His answer was simple, just stick with it, and do it year after year after year. 

He told me of a talk show on WOR 710 a station in New York that began in 1928 and when the host eventually died he was replaced by his son. The reason? The show did well and generations of New Yorkers had listened the host and then his son were part of the family. 

There is a strong and quite intimate bond between listener and host in the talk format far more than some of the other music format stations.  I guess that's because after a while you get learn about a presenter, their likes, dislikes and yes they do become part of the family.

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