Monday, 6 June 2011

Mneomic Plague

A whole bunch of little acronym's to make great radio.

The first is NIT - nit is all about news BUT it can be applied to everything you do on the radio, whether you are a host, DJ or Journalist.  When you decide whether to put a story in your bulletin or run a studio line in your show try Nit which stands for:

New - is this something that has just happened? Is this new information?

Interesting this is the tough bit of nit, is a story interesting to your listeners, does it apply to their geographical location? Does it appeal to their demographic?  Is it interesting to them?

Finally and importantly is it True?  And can you talk about it? That the story is not an active court case or might defame someone.

The second is Tell Em.  Radio is the blind intimate medium you have to help your listener, guide them through a story or a promo.  Tell you are going to tell em' - warn your listener that they are about to hear something of interest.  Tell them - tell the story and finally Tell em again - recap on the story.

Kiss is whatever you do on radio Keep It Simple Stupid.  Complex stuff, promos or lots of numbers or rules just fall flat on their arse (ass) so keep the ideas simple, one at a time and clear and easy but compelling.

Aida is a way of writing promos and to some extent bully pieces.  Aida stands for  A - attention = "win a holiday"  I - Interest = "In the Caribbean."  D - Desire = "The golden sand, azure blue sky." A - action = "Call us now on 12345."  You can use this structure to fashion promos, trails and bulletins.

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