Thursday, 7 July 2011

I wanna get into radio

It's your dream job.  I know how you feel because (some years ago) I wanted to get into radio too.  But do expect friends and family to actively discouraged your dream.  Don't give up though. 

My dad used to say to me 'You'll never get anywhere mucking around with tape machines there isn't a career in it." My Grandfather who said "You need a proper job, an apprenticeship is what you need, I am going to help you get work at Marconi."  To be fair he did and it was a brilliant place to learn a craft but not the career I wanted and I left after two years, he was disappointed but would have been heartbroken to see the world's first radio factory (where I worked)  in a state of dereliction and decay.   

Oh and the careers advice, at school - "There's a place for you working for the Gas Board" and at the Job Centre when the advisor popped out to get her cup of tea I had a quick peak at what she had written.  "He has high-flying ideas of getting a career in radio."

At the time I thought I will never get there but funnily the negative remarks only made me more determined to succeed.

Thirty years later I'm still in the industry of my dreams, and you can get there too. Good luck and to quote Jho Harris my colleague at Linkedin Radio Professionals: "Be prepared to work hard and don't expect miracles."   

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