Saturday, 9 July 2011

Let's be Frank

Frank Bough I Took Drugs with Vice Girls - that was the headline in the News of the World that undid Frank Bough's cosy TV career and brought him to the door of LBC, where we welcomed him as he was an affable kinda guy and a bloody good broadcaster.

I have to say one afternoon we were having a cosy chat and he said something that has stuck in my mind all these years. He said: "You know it was The News of the World that ruined my career." I couldn't help thinking that it was probably the vice girls and class A drugs that did more damage and of course getting caught doing it. 

There are always hidden costs when you run those kinds of grubby tabloid stories, the cost to the wife or in another case of a friend of a friend the cost to his career when his wife was jack booting it up with a well known racing boss. It cost him his career and he played a very important role in the security service so he was a very great loss to the country.  I somehow think the loss of The News of the World will not upset the likes of Frank Bough, but don't get too complacent before The News of The Screws is cold in the grave the brand spanking new Sunday Sun will wing our way all about it!

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Anonymous said...

No, it was the News of the Screws that did the damage, by invading someone's private life a and making money from them.