Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Secrets of a job in radio

Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. The words President Kennedy spoke during his inaugural address are relevant to you if you are about to graduate from University and want a career in the media.

Put yourself in the mind-set of your potential employer.  What are they looking for in you? Can you put together a CV that can demonstrate the capacity and business case for giving you the job?

Remember your C.V. will only get a quick scan so your key skills statement should contain only achievements relevant to the job you are seeking.  Your Email or covering letter should also contain some of those key skills mentioned in narrative form.

Identify your weaknesses and address them.  An employer will look at your C.V and think 'mmm too young or not experienced enough.'  How will you deal with my on air talent who are older than you?  What life experiences have you had that can demonstrate maturity and experience? 

Spelling and names, get them right and find out who you should address the Email to?

If they are interested in you chances are they will Google you, have a look at your public Facebook profile and anywhere else you might pop up in the virtual world.  Now is the time to take down those pictures of you drunk at the students union bar.

Before you send or attach your C.V. show it to a friend see if they think they would give you the job?

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Stacey Lucas said...

Fantastic advice! Really useful for all aspects of getting into radio industry. Stand out from the rest too is some advice I have been given, ask yourself what makes you different to the 100's of other applicants going for the job you want? What ideas do you have? Also know the station you are applying to, who are the listeners? Thanks Steve!