Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Messy Christmas

Still trying to digest those left-over sprouts?  Discovered that the box the decorations were in is now strangely not big enough to put your baubles back? The fag end of Xmas has gone a new wet and windy year has started and what a messy Christmas it was. 

TV and in particular cable TV had some horrendous scheduling errors with trails for shows that had gone days before and tatty old Xmas imaging that should have dropped off the screen after Boxing Day.

It seems that an enormous effort is put into getting the Xmas schedule right, whether on TV or radio the shows are stuffed with extra content and celebs and festive music, but like that Aunt you wished you'd never invited over for Christmas - who is STILL making herself at home in your house in early January, the TV and radio programmers seem to forget about that bit after Xmas and before New Year proper.

Xmas Imaging - get rid of it after Boxing Day, give us something to look forward to in the New Year. What a perfect opportunity for a London radio station to promote the Olympics or the race for London Mayor this year.  Even the advertisers are to blame still advertising their festive ware - well past their Yuletide sell-by-date.

I know some will say Christmas lasts a week here in the UK as many take the time off work during this period, but I still think TV and radio missed a trick and an opportunity to look forward rather than backward.  Happy New Year

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